My name is Jordan Robert Schwartz. Welcome! I was born and raised in Rhode Island and am a proud dual citizen of the United States of America and the Italian Republic. I graduated magna cum laude in the Spring of 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. Furthermore, I used to work for The LEGO Group in Billund, Denmark as a product designer, and I’m also the author of the book The Art of LEGO Design, published by No Starch Press. You might find my work in other LEGO books here and there as well.

To get to know me is like experiencing a crash course in the design and pop culture of the interwar periods of American history. I am an avid appreciator of the Art Deco movement and I collect various antiques and menswear that exemplify the style. One day, I hope to complete a book on the topic. A novel I have been dabbling with for several years also deals with this period and style. But besides this integral quirk, I also have interest in film and screenwriting, in toy design, and in animals (of the ornithological and herpetological varieties). I sculpt, sew, and thermoform and (likely within a short time) will have many other crafts to clutter this sentence with, for learning new skills makes me happier than most things do.