For several years, I have been showcasing my work online and at galleries and events across the country. And because of the exposure I had gotten, people would often inquire as to whether or not I could build them something. Early on, commission work was a delight – it was both fun and educational. Clients included average folks looking for unique gifts for their spouses, children and friends, to actual LEGO employees, to other major companies (like Universal Music Group), and even several charities.
But after a while, as what happens to everyone, life catches up. I had so little time to even build for myself for fun that commissioned work was completely out of the question. I, unfortunately, had to turn down everyone who contacted me wanting a special model they could call their own. Even when I was working as a LEGO product designer in Denmark, I had to turn down clients – contractual obligations wouldn’t favor any extra work, plus the Atlantic Ocean was between my personal LEGO collection and I. So there was no way they could be done.
Now, however, I am reunited with my collection. And not only that, I can now call myself one of the few lucky people who have gotten to work for the company as a designer. Couple that with my writings for BrickJournal Magazine and the book about LEGO design I am currently writing and you’ve found a résumé that is unmatched by anyone in the world. Literally.

Det bedste er ikke for godt / Only the best is good enough

This quote is the famous founding motto of The LEGO Group, and it’s as alive today as it’s ever been. And it’s one I personally take to heart with each model I build.

If you are interested in commissioning me to build you a model, you can rest assured knowing that when I build anything, it is always completely from scratch and 100% original. I don’t copy others’ designs. I don’t even copy myself. I always start with an empty, blank desk.

My specialty is minifigure scale. My stock of bricks is not large enough to accommodate sculpture requests. You’re probably looking for one of the “LEGO Certified Professionals.” I’d be happy to direct you to them if that’s the type of model you are looking for.

I will only accept one commission at a time. In the event you contact me and I am working on somebody else’s model, I can put you in a queue. This makes it easier to make the best possible product for my clients. 

Pricing varies drastically from model to model. I charge for parts and labor. The labor cost is based on the size and complexity of your model. I require at least 50% of the cost of the model up front.

My commission service is in no way related to or affiliated with The LEGO Group. Please be sure to visit this website’s Terms of Use page for more information.